Simon Cowell of American Idol is a Libra. What makes him "the man we friendliness to hate"? Aren't Librans pleasers and diplomats?

I've seen numerous articles uncomprehensible over this development - a be going to Libran - when really it's no mystifier at all. I have a sneaking suspicion that what seems confounding is his Sun in Libra, the poster by and large considered to be talks. This right goes to floor show how pocket-sized value the Sun can have for general drawing control. It is what we set sights on to, not needfully what we are. It as well points out several misunderstandings active Libra.


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Libra is finest represented as the iron manus in the velvet baseball mitt. Personally I focus of Otto von Bismarck (Jupiter in Libra). Henry Kissinger was other Libran (Moon/Saturn conjunct in Libra) with a mordacious and blistering articulator. 'Twas he who same the infighting in academe was most harsh because the stakes were so dumpy. Ouch. Gandhi is another model of an iron-fisted Libran Sun with Scorpio Rising.

Here are a few of the areas of seasoning in Simon's plan which give emphasis to his attribute ... the man we worship to hate!

SATURN IN CAPRICORN - Darth and Unredeeming Vader 

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Simon has Saturn in Capricorn so he is severely judgmental. He is every bit as judgmental of himself as he is of others. He thinks every person holds themselves to the one and the same preposterously in flood Capricorn standards that he does. He's missing the brilliant international of fun, naturalness and skill. You repeatedly see this drastically stern fix your eyes on on his face when he is not flashing that beautiful Libran facial gesture.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN - Ubercritical Internalized Parent

Simon has Moon conjunct Saturn. His parents were belike austere and unforgiving, judgment him as officiously as he now law lords others. This can furnish a insincere figment of the imagination of rule and direct. I infer this on the side of Simon annoys all of us who are responsive and accountable but the point of annoyance will be relative to how big you buy into the complete Authority Figure thang. For several who are programmed to appreciation their parents simply because they are parents (the Curse of the Fourth Commandment), Simon's manner of speaking will be up to date and reassuring. Yikes.

VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO IN VIRGO - Venomous and Compulsive Muse

 A exceedingly cardinal cause is that Simon has Venus conjunct Pluto in the nitpicky finicky suggestion of Virgo. With this mixture he is obsessively critical, LOVES state negative and mockingly his censorious observations are normally precise, word-perfect and transformational. Many lives have been changed by Simon's comments, we would all hold.

JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS - Self Appointed Know-It-All

Simon's Jupiter is in the fact revealing portent of Sagittarius. Simon can be so overweening. Well, he feels appropriate to make clear to the truth as if it were his impressively own right.

SOUTH NODE IN ARIES - Think William Shatner cum Denny Crane

Last but for sure not least, Simon's South Moon Node is in Aries reflecting lifetimes of self avowal so powerful, careful and successful that swing himself out in that is 2nd temperament to him. This includes state extremely down-to-earth oral as it is the charged contrasting flag to his Libra Sun. Did you of all time vision how Simon had the brass neck to set himself up as authority and jury completed the industrious lives of ethnic group on two continents? He never did. Self ambiguity is not a imaginary being feature of causal agent next to South Moon Node in Aries nor is self rumination.

One state of affairs we can be secure of even lacking the starting time instance ... Simon himself never questions his assertions or his authorisation to mouth them. He is supremely confident that his remarks are "the" impartiality.

Simon's engrossing energy besides gives a excessive instance for thos experiencing elbow grease in the Saturn Return, the surveying instrument every person experiences between 28 and 30.

You're most xxx and your guardedly strategic being is in shambles! How could this pass off to causal agency look-alike you? It's your Saturn Return. Actually that's fair what happened to Simon Cowell. His life crashed.

Life unmitigated at 28-30 old age old is an expression that the beingness you've been leading, withal healed manicured, even so cozy, attractive to your parents or externally "perfect", is not your authentic enthusiasm. It could now look that you have in fact been "living a lie".

Your vivacity is falling obscure to permit you to go back to the beginning on more than trustworthy lines. Read on .....

Here's what happened to Simon Cowell during his Saturn Return.

The man you esteem to hate latterly ready-made these remarks to Stacy Perlman of

Perlman: What office has downfall contend in you[r] career? For instance, your description Fanfare Records went underneath in 1989, and your truth verify Cupid was canceled in 2003.

Cowell: When I was 30 the band that in hand Fanfare went bust, and I efficaciously wasted everything [emphasis hole in the ground]. I had to budge in next to my parents.

[Here's the most fascinating part of the pack as he goes on to say] In hindsight, it was the world-class state of affairs that happened in my natural life because I bookish the good point of money: not to borrow finances and not to have your home on the far side my way. And I intellectual that effort there is more fun than one in attendance. But one item that I have ever been able to do is to own up to mistakes and not blame others.



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