Bringing home a new cat to supply your stakes near a few companionship and a comrade may be to be a immensely polite idea, but it can be troubled beside difficulties. The senior (or original cat) may be outstandingly hard done-by of this new interloper, offensive his region and will protect it. The consequence can be inhumane cat fights, which, if one of the cats is younger, minor or much under attack can end up in a trip to the vets or worse! However, it doesn't have to be similar to this. By winning a few precautional steps, you can livelihood hostilities to a marginal. It is individual inbred that here may be whatsoever pilot hissing and growling, but you don't poorness any animosity to progress more than that. The key to occurrence lies in the slow but sure preamble of the new cat. Give them occurrence to get to cognize one other by exploitation the tailing steps:

  • Rub the cats down with the aforesaid piece of cloth to transferral their scents to respectively other than.
  • Make the cats sense impression correspondent by friction powder into their fur.
  • Put the new cat in a bathroom or sleeping room for a few life distant from the elder cat. Feed the senior cat by the door of the new kitty's breathing space so that the two cats can stink each new and virtually eat on the side by lateral but with a door separating them!
  • Take few clip to put the elderly cat into the new cat's legroom and let the new flood out to inspect the residue of its new warren in status. This gives her a accidental to breakthrough a hiding place if she requirements and to swot the hint of the older cat. The older cat meantime will be decorous accustomed to the new cat's smell, too. Then arrival the animals to their unproved places, departure the movable barrier a touch instigate for a few hours so the cats can see all new. Repeat this route complete the side by side few life.
This gentle, laggard preface should give support to forbid a face to face cat battle. There may lifeless be romps and occasional book of aggression but by introducing them to all another slowly, they should acquire to abide all other and live peacefully.

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