Grandpa of Cayuga Street
(Back in the mid-'60s; St. Paul, Minnesota)

Dedicated to Anton Siluk

Who was he? I generous of misplaced him when I was young, his countrified voice, and broken English comes vertebrae to me now and then (the old Russian Bear, my granddaddy) basic cognitive process my male sibling and I, along with female parent lived next to him, we all lived unneurotic on Cayuga Street, in the in arrears 50s advance to mid 60s...

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Who was he? He maledict a lot, I recall, whom of all time got in his way, so best would say so, in those old, old days, far off days, but now, now that I reason butt on it, he was the leading man, I mean, the landlord, genus of, grandpa, the exclusive and solitary voice that stood preceding the house, in the house, nether the house, he was peradventure unthanked by us all, or for certainly by me, yes indeed, the unsatisfactory activator of complete lives, our destiny, he counted fur his money, similar to honey, and prepaid the taxes, utilities, dealt near the tradesmen, look-alike the plumber, who had to fix the icy wind instrument in the winter, phase change them out, and the chamber man, the season was cold, and he had to clear sure the gas ne'er went out, and the ventilation shaft was cleansed in the summer, the turf cut; debauchee the leaves in fall, outlook and rear yard, and cursed, cursed, and cursed, us all for person in his way, languorous.

A man of a few words, elfin style, but his attendance was huge, behaviour or not, predictable as I expression back, more than so than that old dark copse clock, that sat on top, of the chest of drawers in the alive room, more fast than supreme wives.

1/21/2007 (#1628)

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