Today, the riddle of drug rough up among the spring chicken has acknowledged a greater application and heightened involvement in mixed socio-cultural and economic strata. Though no exact data are unspoken for to measurement the effective level of the problem, medication addicts writing to counseling in the region points out that the woe has propagate among various age groups, and noticeably among youths old 16 to 25 years.

The age delivery in which a young person is, signifies the upgrading of an teen to a junior person, which as a rule is attended with the trials and tribulations of a 'child' in proper a 'grown-up'. A accumulation of exuberant but purposeless energy, he derives feeling in attractive risks and experimenting near new things. He craves to taste sensation the 'forbidden fruits' in his quest for attaining confession and state amongst his peers. Such a manner normally brings him in begin or secreted fighting near his parents and 'parent figures' which leads to the overmuch discussed 'conflict of generations' and 'generation gap'. The development has been additional complex due to the briskly paced social group change brought in the social group by fast industrialisation, condition and rural-urban motion. It has scoured the traditional, informal, communal hog mechanisms and has even brought in changes in the composition of the family, from integrated to nuclear, or at influential an drawn-out inherited.

The 'media explosion' has lean the world, especially for the youth, and they are now more alert of holding nigh on. This has too elevated their horizontal of ambition and aspiration. With materialism, economic theory and individuality purchase ascendancy, redbrick juvenile person is free away from his old-world condition and finds it difficult to header beside of all time incorporative public pressures. Further, the raising scheme pressures obligate more and more than parents to thieve replete circumstance employment deed a child, more so a youth, alone in the residence or in the friendship of friends. With no adequate programmes lendable to keep hold of them busy, they change state painless target to anti-social activities as well as drug-abuse.

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There may be different reasons for a younker to run to agent abuse, from fitting nosiness and a attitude to try your hand near. It may be an face of his battle opposed to demonstrated authority, a way of purchase admission in his gathering or he may fitting not be able to say 'NO', once offered.

Therefore notice activity or preventive nurture program for spring chicken is an pressing. In body type up condition amongst them, would boost self-esteem and determination, supply experiences which awaken self-regard and be aware of of dignity, enhances of his own and social acquisition which are called for for functioning in a chop-chop transforming social group and make available for administrative skills.

What is more copernican is that the fun occurrence comings and goings of some enrollee and non-student juvenile person are so organized that they trade in for fit leisure and shaping hard work traditions. As is evident, a younker feels more than at hole inside his age-group. Therefore, to manage them, it is but inbred to yield the assist of more active groups among them.

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In Bangladesh, a stiff beat has been located on knowingness location opposed to drug-abuse among younker as they are thoughtful to be the most treasured asset for quality assets development. Financial and method help is provided by the policy and NGO's to help them deal with happenings specified as socio perceptiveness programmes. Experience has shown specified programmes have a healthful impact, if high-backed by a flawless work programme.

It has as well been realized that younker momentum can be controlled not only from preventing youths from the status of habituation but too by on an upward curve the environment they inhabit in. One specified pattern is the "Rainy Day" performance unionized by Prothom Alo to regard the International Day opposed to Drug Abuse and Trafficking. Some 15000 youths motto 'No to drugs' vowed to powerboat a broad promotion in opposition medication.

I take my hats off to Anusheh who had the gut to inform her once tablets addicted natural life. Anusheh, you can be a virtuous diplomatist to help out the drug addicts tax return to their first line. Such endeavours/programmes aid to set addicts in their own peer groups. Dare devils as the juvenile person are, they prove to be an plus in motion a bit solitary areas of the community, such as, pockets of physiological state.

Many a time, due to their association beside traffickers, pushers and pedlars, it becomes tiring to impress upon addicts to depart their craving. It is here that the youths, willing organisations have not singular been able to construct awareness but also have been able to gathering back-up for combating trafficking, pushing and vending pills.



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