Love has come! As Above, our Holy Alter Reigns bastioned by our Eternal Love. That we Are Fortified as we lift & UP-lift our sacrosanct selves. Into our Holy Heavens we expanse intersectant polite tracks of fulfilling Realms.

As we grasp ourSelves Holy, Loving all that we touch - as ourselves, as Divinity, as God - we exhuberate the fervour of Self -Contained Truth.

That in the Self-Hood, the Presence of God - Holy & Immortal - is Contained with-in Us. Holy is My Name says Christ as He Glorifies God and Permits Himself finished Divine Oration - Ordination - to be the Holy Vessel of Truth as Commanded from Above!!

"And these belongings and greater Ye shall do also!" Jesus same. This is Your Heartitage! This is the Lineage of the Heart! Of Our Soul-HEART.

Walk as Divine Vessel of Pure Emanation! Returning Again & Again to the Purity of the Immortal for Instruction til We Are One.

Til Action Allies with Stillness and Stillness alignment with Action, and We locomotion as Holy Men and Women Delightful !

In Harmony near Our Mission, Unique to Each, WE on EARTH are fulfilling Our Dreams as Individuated Souls Expressing Immortal Fantasy - The Ecstasy of God-Creation: Holy Union of Body and Spirit! Divine Service of Mind & Heart!

Unified! Electrified! by Spirit!! Holy Time is NOW! The Epiphany of the Holy Birth Is NOW! Take circumstance only to regenerate Your True Nature! Unbounded! Free!! Immortal & Invincible!! Holy Union Pervades! Holy Union Prevails!

We have prolonged lived in Separation of Our Spirit World & Our Human World! Merge them!
Dance them into a Divine Human Trance, Let Centrifugal Light Swirl You into Burgeoning Love, inspiration Blossoming to redolent tunes of Rich, Wealthy, Joyous Melodies!!

You ARE HOME!! You ARE HAPPY!! Holy Burgeoning Expansion.
Heavenly Affluence of Your DivineHuman Nature! BECOME Your Galactic Self - BE Your Great LOVE - EXPERIENCE Your Potential Realized! HOLY HOLY HOLY! LOVE LIFE SHINE Union of Self - Grace - Bounty - Freely Flowing CREATIVITY - DIVINE Nature Revealed - Accepting Self as Divine Vessel of God Realized as a Human.

You ARE an Angel!! You are GOD'S MESSENGER! You ARE a Divine Instrument, a Divining Rod, a Column, a Vortex of Peace! If You Choose! Choose!! Choose Your Power to Choose Peace!!

Simply ask, Simply declare: Peace, I come in unto You! Become Me, Golden ONE!
Oh, Peace, Oh, Immortal One! BE ME, in God's Holy Name, Be Me. Create Justice in Me.

Create Justice in Your Name - in Me! Holy. United I Am, with the Peace past Understanding !! Holy God on High! Love UNION Truth !! Immortal ONENESS, UNIFY ME, GOD. ONE, BE ME. I AM ALL. I AM CREATION. LORD LOVE.


Grant me Peace, Oh, Lord on High. I mean myself since you and get You. I AM ONE


Thank You Beloved, Thank You Beloved, Thank You Beloved! I Am HOME! ?

It is Time to Unite our Hearts next to our Fully Realized Selves, Potential Realized and Experienced! It's instance to cabin the sheep's cape of melancholy at the quality demand and Uplift Soul's Heavenward in Peace and Recognition for the Inextricable Perfection that ne'er leaves.

Fulfillment is also present, Ever Present, Relegating Our Human Experience, enkindled constantly in Joy. We settle on respectively second to sanction ourselves and all other in Our Highest Expression!!! Embracing Unification of Body, Soul and Spirit is Apparent.

The Mind is Now in feature of Divine Order and is the Famous Taskmaster of enjoying contact of the Infinite by Acknowledging the Unknowable as the Known single done Divine Intervention, Rapturous Peace, Immortal Enstasy.

We were hatched of God, by God's Grace! Take up Holy Arms of Love embracing the God We Are! The Chalice has become a two-mouthed grail: We Are a Column of Divinity, a Resurrection Chamber on some ends pulsating, glistening near Light Divine. Breath Pulsates from Perineum to Crown from Earth to Sky and Truly from Feet to Core of the Earth wager on up done the Light Vivifying Chamber to Crown to Highest of Heaven!

Holy Heavenly Light Pore into Me. Glory - God, in the Highest! Lord of Love, Beckon Me to Your Holy Chamber and Keep Me location Forever in Life Immortal - Here and There - Present with the Kingdom Present in the Queendom...

I A M Ariya

© Sarah West 1997



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