Panasonic has declared the powerboat day for the DMC-L1, its introductory digital single-lens automatic (SLR) photographic equipment beside mutual lense. From 22nd July 2006 this photographic equipment will be available in Japan and looks set to be a solid inclination.

Leica D Lens provides a first-class sense modality concert and matches absolutely beside the digital SLR camera body

The DMC-L1 has a new LEICA D VARIO-ELMARIT 14-50mm/F2.8-3.5 optical device equipped beside an window ring, engrossment circle and rapid climb ring, for easy, shortest regulator environment. The central dimension length is alike to 28mm (wide) to 100mm (medium visible) on a 35mm motion picture and provides extraordinary grades.
The lens system too provides admirable macro actuation due to a 29cm negligible shooting divorce (0.32x maximal magnification, 35mm different) intersectant the full ascension orbit.

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Superb photograph public presentation near MEGA O.I.S

The DMC-L1 comes near Panasonic's Optical Image Stabiliser characteristic which minimises disturbance from unstable hands. Thanks to the gyrosensors and Venus Engine Plus LSI built into the lens, the scheme detects photographic camera fight at a rate of 4,000 times per second
O.I.S features two further disciplinal modes. Mode one unremittingly and unendingly compensates for movements, ensuring that the doll in the LCD and finder is e'er lucid. Mode two single stabilises the doll the instant the shutter holdfast is ironed. Both modes profession near the DMC-L1, providing consumers near extraordinary benefits. Mode one will be available for Olympus users if they are mistreatment the new Leica D optical device.

Refined ornamentation makes the photographic camera a gratification to clasp and use

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This new photographic equipment features a mechanical device alacrity dial on top of the photographic camera body, enhancing the consciousness of photographic camera hog. Combined near a classical shape this secure the Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1 is distinct in both logo and operation. The physical structure periphery and lever are smothered beside textured, fake animal skin ensuring a support and homey hold.

Complies near Four Thirds(TM)* Standard

The DMC-L1 incorporates a untaped MOS detector that conforms to the Four Thirds usual and offers 7.5 megapixels. It can be in use near lenses made by a motley of manufacturers, giving users a adult of tackle options. Noise is minimised by a remarkable processing technology the runs on voltage as low as 5V.
*Four Thirds? is a registered earmark.

The all-powerfulness of the Venus Engine III LSI

The Venus Engine III is a freshly formulated carving process LSI which maximises the dramatization of the Live MOS sensor. Offering high resolution, gilt-edged color biological process and elaborate gradation, the Venus Engine III likewise reduces disturbance to the flat awaited from a digital SLR, olibanum achieving stunning reflection point. The Venus Engine III besides improves camera sensibility opinionated superior consecutive actuation and a concise mechanical device quantity. The Venus Engine III requires sole 80% as a great deal clout as its precursor and once conjunct near the Live MOS sensor's low spirit intake grades in longer freestyle life.

Full-time Live View for a full new stylishness of Digital SLR shooting

The suspicion of a digital SLR is the mirror box unit, which integrates a quick-return mirror, viewfinder, and AE device. This, concerted with the full-time emblem production control of the Live MOS sensor, achieves a full-time Live View control that displays the portrait on the LCD directly from the device timer. This extremely utilitarian run can be elite in both Auto Focus and Manual Focus modes. In Manual Focus, photographers can increase an print inside the supporting structure and past prize the province focusing, production it easier to bank check the centering event on the hulking 2.5inch, flooding resolution, 207,000 pixel LCD. It is likewise researchable to order of payment the insightfulness of enclosed space by pressing the Aperture fastening.

Shake off particulate near the Supersonic Wave Filter system

A big hassle with digital SLRs with mutual lenses is the ability of particulate getting in the photographic equipment during the lens system changes and dirty the doll sensing element. If this happens, professed cleanup is oft unavoidable. The DMC-L1 manages this reservation by incorporating a Supersonic Wave Filter particulate reduction, which uses supersonic motility to shudder off particulate matter that strength otherwise affect the statue.

A Digital SLR substance den networking capabilities

As near all Panasonic Lumix cameras, the DMC-L1 is uses SD representation and is likewise agreeable next to mass-storage SD tenet supported on FAT32. This includes the coming super-high-capacity SD Memory Cards allowing more than 2GB (SDHC).



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