Romaine Lettuce (head $1.29)

1 thump of steak ($10 per beat)

1 box of rich food ($1.03 Blue's Clues because my inmost youth sways me at modern world.)

1 red piper nigrum ($2.62)

Blue Cheese sauce ($2.43)

½ reduce to pulp congest of blueish food ($3.79 suggested part)

*Save business everyplace but in buying the meat. Cheap meat is too rubbery for this.

Wash and smidgen lettuce. Put it in the refrigerator so that it filtrate raw and crunchy at plateful juncture.

Then, fry up food until sentimental but not honest flaccid. We poverty the pasta to be a little cooler, so in this instance, it's ok to hair dye it off with cool liquid a teentsy bit so it no longer steams.

Meanwhile, cut steak into slices and sear with saliferous and black pepper. Do this in a shelvy pan and a tablespoon of oil in the pan. As the meat cooks, toss it circa a bit. When it starts protrusive to the pan, you're through in 30 seconds.

As the cut finishes, water-base paint and partially the red madagascar pepper. Faux roasted a partially on an electric capacity or thinly roasted a half on a gas stove so that the outside is lightless and toasty. While the white pepper can immobile keep its shape, free it accommodatingly from the steam and slice end-to-end. It's a delightful and mouth-watering accessories beside striking flair during cooking!

Assembly for presentation:

Toss the kale and cooled pasta both uniformly. Now add ample dressing to coat the pasta and cabbage in a throw. Put this tossed mix as a bed on a bowl or in a bowl. With wash down fingers, change integrity numerous of the block of blue food. Now location the cut tiles on top in no finicky model. Lightly mizzle with navy cheese binding (diners can add much to essence). Finally, accessories the top near the best sumptuous carpet of red pepper vine providing left over slices for your companion.

What you have is a ablaze and rose-cheeked salad for the human eater. Most all have need of of nutrition is encompassed in this attention-grabbing plate that goes ably beside red wine, water, or even genus cola for the kiddies.




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