In the medieval two months Apple has discharged a figure of lock, stock and barrel new products, and more importantly has started their transition to the Intel laptop. In this nonfiction I will fact the new product offerings and options in stock on all.

The first new Intel service declared by Apple was the iMac Core Duo. The all-in-one storage area featuring any a 17" or 20" LCD computer screen looks exactly the same as the most recent iMac G5 enclosure, and like-minded the iMac G5, features a constitutional iSight photographic camera. Inside nevertheless it's an wholly opposite fable. The iMac Core Duo features the Intel Core Duo pc running at 1.83 or 2.0 GHz, the ATI Radeon X1600 visual communication card, 512MB of intrinsical RAM upgradeable to 2GB, and a 160GB Serial ATA vexed thrust upgradeable to 500GB. The iMac Core Duo too features Front Row media software system and the Apple Remote.

The ordinal new Intel-based service that Apple introduced was the MacBook Pro. This is their heap scorn on new laptop, and their archetypal effusive new laptop computer in reasonably a piece. The MacBook Pro features an Intel Core Duo concern running at 1.83, 2.0, or 2.16 GHZ, a 15.4" TFT display, 512MB of incorporated RAM upgradeable to 2GB, an 80GB Serial ATA effortful actuation upgradeable to 120GB, and the ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card beside 128MB or 256MB of RAM. Unlike any laptop in Apple history, the new MacBook Pro likewise features a inbuilt iSight camera, Front Row software, and the Apple Remote.

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The most modern Intel-based wares announced by Apple is the Mac mini. Like the iMac, the new Mac mini looks specifically the very as the old Mac mini, but is absolutely not like inside. The mini is the first Mac to proposition any the Intel Core Solo or Core Duo cpu. The stand classic Mac mini comes normal next to the Intel Core Solo moving at 1.5 GHz, 512MB of integral RAM, a 60GB Serial ATA intricate drive, and a intrinsic Intel GMA950 visual communication chipset. New to the Mac mini is the Apple Remote, Front Row software, and the pick of concerning the mini to your address box.

What I am best teased in the order of beside these new Intel-based Macs is that Apple to finish offers a product dash in which all of their offerings are comparable to in process domination and show. Previously location were the PowerPC G4-based products - the Mac mini, PowerBook, and iBook - and the PowerPC G5-based products - the iMac G5 and Power Mac G5. While the PowerPC G4 is a practicable and violent processor, it is no match for the PowerPC G5, and gone many an purchasers of G4-based Macs cragfast beside substantially little cpu ascendancy and general acting out. Now that the Intel-based Mac column is out, even buyers of degrade end Macs lifeless are offered workstation powerfulness and operation comparable to buyers of top-of-the-line Macs. This is a remarkable dislodge for Apple, and is a win-win setting for consumers, shareholders, and for the organization.

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