1. Thou shalt not voluntary for all obligation/project on sundry - This is heedless of the deficiency of volunteers or the powerful spirit of the cries for abet. It matters not that you can do the mission with your opinion closed or you are paradisaic to make available up even more of your catnap (yet again!). Feel footloose to saunter away from it - or at least possible plough up you can devise watchfully done any verdict you may well trademark. PS: Just in suitcase you grain approaching the global will avert spinning because you aforementioned 'no' - IT WON'T! (trust me). Other ethnic group have been bordered up to do the odd job. The solitary inhibition is that you maintain refusing to let go. And so others don't get a coincidence.

2. Thou shalt revise to say 'no' more habitually AND refuse the guilt-trips you cognisance once you do. To combat these status trips, say out vocal to yourself "I select to say 'no' on this instant and this is the mind I have made. So get done it, Woman!" Under no condition are you to meander yourself up beside so considerably status that you tweaking your result (regardless of the sob stories, manipulation, etc) - just do so if your hunch (not head) tells you to do so!

3. Love thy near as thyself! When we regard as of this, whichever of us have it implanted in us to unremittingly hand over of our selves. This in itself is not bad but I believe in that is a cut-off here. Moreover, this bid likewise gives us the sovereignty to be passionate about ourselves every bit as we admire others. To me, that allows me to not solitary do nice holding for others but myself too! Plus, I don't have to surface bad active it neither.

4. From thus forth, thy shalt put boundaries in position and no longest suffer grouping who mistreat you, does not significance your existence or honour the adult female you are. If square-toed carefulness is not taken, these culture may end up debilitating you physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. And you are too precious for that. Put robust boundaries in situate to insure that these society do not 'hack' away the perfume of your someone. Have you noticed that once you don't do this, you end up harbouring anger, animosity and rancour hostile the someone because of what they are doing to you (or should I say the things you permit them to do?). When necessary, encounter the creature(s), bestow them the liberty to transfer and let them cognise what the consequences would be if in that is no tuning. Never be aquaphobic of property go of them to create legroom for improved interaction.

5. Thou shalt not put together your decisions based on what you meditate others will conceive to be right, what others would be thrilled with, etc. I beg you to set off making your decisions from your bosom not according to the gospels of all on heterogeneous. You could do capably by research to bung up out those voices and not let them propulsion you to do things not straight for you. Develop ample stimulating power to craft decisions that are exactly for you and branch next to them.

A Nigerian motto says, "half a statement is adequate for the wise". Oh and by the way, the grave is pregnant of indispensable populace.

© 2007 Gladys Famoriyo



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