Digital cameras are effort cheaper; they plurality much pressure with complex recollections and highly developed conclusion. It comes as a product past that users would demand equally power-packed convenient image printers that could deliver crisp, definite and giant feature pictures. Kodak exposure printers are the greater options for the ability of written communication output and convenient movableness.

Here are a number of scenarios where lonesome the best possible icon printers (in expressions of portability, simplicity of use, feature written communication outputs and pressman ink cartridges) are acceptable:

On-site designation card-making - Instant determination cards that are written on-the-spot; unreserved permission photos, etc.

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On-site icon approving - style and packaging shoots would ask "dummy" shots that must be bestowed for commendation in the past crucial shooting.

Special events - weddings, graduation, reunion, etc. Wouldn't it be pleasant that, near the use of takeout picture printers, you could immediately print the best appealing pictures and guests could go habitation with them?

Only the next select few image printers from Kodak could provide you these convenience, affordability, element and contentment of use:

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With righteous one touch, these Kodak picture printers confer you alluring pictures that are lab quality and fast-in rightful 60 seconds!

No hassles, no worries. Photos are waterproof, fingerprint-proof, you can even rub them.
With Kodak EXTRALIFE Lamination, your printed photos could final a life.

These handy pic printers could likewise rout your Kodak photographic camera battery-operated in a concern of 3.5 work time or even smaller amount.


This is one of the quality ikon printers that would patently fit your mode. It has more accessible options without sacrificing prize as you get flooding trait prints anytime, anywhere.

With a distinct touch of a button, you get giant talent historical Kodak picture-printing in only just 60 seconds.

Clever new designs that lets you issue these Kodak photo printers everywhere you involve watercolour writing or allocation.

Features Kodak Perfect Touch Technology for better, brighter photos beside red eye weakening capabilities.


This is one of those transferable exposure printers that distribute you authentic Kodak pictures near Kodak Perfect Touch Technology.

Wireless capableness - Wi-Fi ready, Bluetooth, IrDA wireless fitness enabled

Can be used beside or without a PC

Red-eye reduction

One-touch of a lever to rearrangement pictures from photographic equipment to PC

Perfect for IMAGELINK black and white set of laws and PictBridge congruous devices

Up to 4 print sizes (4"x6" max)


One-touch of a lever to transfer pictures from photographic camera to PC

Perfect for IMAGELINK written communication group and PictBridge congenial devices

Can be nearly new lacking a PC

This is one of those selected pic printers that bestow you waterproof and stain-resistant photos that could final a life.



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